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Freedom Fighters will tell the story of a plumber, who by chance turns from an ordinary New Yorker into a Resistance leader by confronting Soviet troops. The protagonist will command a small personal squad. The campaign consists of 7 chapters and 1 secret level, which is unlocked after completing the game on a high level of difficulty.

Each new mission begins with a briefing, defining the main and additional missions. As a general rule, you need to clear all the locations in the level and move on to the next chapter. Some actions in one chapter can affect the future. Having blown up a helipad, in your next mission you won’t have to fight off enemy warriors that have flown in as support.

Raise the flag over the building – a key goal, after which the squad must go on the next mission; Releasing Prisoners – Open the prisoner cells and escort them to the nearest sewer; Blow up an object – remove an obstructing vehicle or structure. By successfully completing missions, the hero replenishes his Charisma points, which will help recruit more people to his ranks. Recruits can be given 3 commands: attack, follow, and defend.

The maximum number of units in a team can be as many as If their Charisma level is high enough, they can heal wounded Soviet soldiers, and then they can join the protagonist’s squad. On this page you can always download Freedom Fighters for free on pc via torrent or direct link. The site is not responsible for the content of the material.

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Freedom fighters game for pc softonic.Buy Freedom Fighters


The major reason you should be interested in Freedom Fighters, however, is the charisma and followers system. As you meet mission objectives and perform other random acts of honor, an onscreen “charisma gauge” fills up. When it’s full, it resets and you gain the ability to control one more follower. Fellow freedom fighters can be recruited by walking up to them on the battlefield, and once under your command they will follow you and fight by your side.

IO did the smart thing and made the control scheme for followers simple but effective. With a tap of a button you can order your squadmates to attack a specific target, stay by your side, or defend a certain area. Once you can command six or eight followers, the game reveals a completely new and thrilling dimension.

The latter levels where I led a whole troop of soldiers through wave after wave of entrenched Soviets invaders were, in a word, awesome. Of course, a game that markets itself as a way to command sidekicks lives or dies by its artificial intelligence. Thankfully, Freedom Fighters is quite healthy in this regard.

Whatever commands you give, the computer-controlled teammates act intelligently. They’ll take cover behind obstacles, set up crossfire corridors, react to events around them like gunfire or grenades , make use of stationary machineguns, and navigate the terrain as well as you can. I was continuously impressed by the level of sophistication and effectiveness displayed by my fellow rebels.

It’s also worth noting that the opposition’s intelligence is similarly sophisticated. The Soviet soldiers are no pushovers, and they have the advantage of superior numbers. Overcoming a pack of soldiers dug in behind concrete barricades and stationary machineguns is a difficult but entertaining endeavor. The graphics in Freedom Fighters are very well done. Textures and models are splendidly crafted, topped off by a very entertaining ragdoll physics system that lets you see the baddies go flying in amusingly realistic ways.

The sound is also very well done, including the voice acting. I was particularly glad to hear the Soviet soldiers yelling to each other in their native language. This game’s premise is also one of its strengths, and the developers do a pretty good job of playing it up. While I would have liked to see more emphasis on Chris as a character and his inner journey from everyday guy to freedom fighter, IO Interactive chose to focus outwardly on Soviet jingoism, propaganda, and the metamorphosis of New York into a Communist stronghold.

This is all shown between missions by cutscenes featuring clever CNN-style reports thinly disguised as news and public service announcements. It’s good stuff. Unfortunately the game has shortcomings, the first of which is its disappointing brevity. I sucked down Freedom Fighters in one big gulp — a seven-hour marathon of Ruskie hunting that was over before I wanted it to be.

This is short even by shooter standards, and there are no hidden incentives or secrets to entice you into replaying the game. The PC version also lacks multiplayer, even though the console iterations possess a “king of the hill” multiplayer mode.

Not a huge deal, but I would have welcomed the chance to play through multiplayer Freedom Fighters cooperatively, or even with simple deathmatch rules. There are some revolutionary songs that you will love. The missions included in the game are totally different and you might have never seen them in any other game. Another revolutionary game that resembles to this one is called Risen 3 Titan Lords.

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