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FireWorks produces the biggest PNG. The differences are much bigger than with PNG. FireWorks is the worst at this. I testet for quality differences, but they seem to be exactly identical. Here is FireWorks the winner and Pixelmator the looser.

Photoshop has the inarguably best quality in posterizing the image. There are also some other unfixed issues: — Pasting a screenshot from clipboard always looks brighter then loading a screenshot from a file. So it seems PM does not do the right color management for this task. I tried all color management settings, even no color management. It should be at least have a scroll bar. Zoomable icons would also be very nice. Had the same problem but with Leopard.

Armin same problem on How is the preferences file called? I really hope the numeric input and the other mentioned features, for accurate pixel editing, will make it in next. The number of colors label shows the actual number of colors used after quantization, so even if you set the slider to 32 the quantizer might use lower number of colors.

If you mean PNG alpha mask support then yes. Quantization algorithm is optimized for photos. We might add more quantization methods in the future as there is no one universal quantization algorithm.

Frank Eves. In many countries the tax on a Photoshop purchase is more that the cost of Pixelmator. This app is a tremendous value. Thank you. Now, this is a very good update. Looking forward to what 1. This update did patch a big hole in Pixelmator, and it did it nicely. I could design and launch an entire site already with 1. Now with 1. WacoChill I agree. To the contrary, Pixelmator can do anything Photoshop does in the hands of an experienced designer.

I have been producing site designs in Pixelmator since 1. Slicing is a welcome add on, but cropping and exporting worked for me as well just more steps. Job well done by the Pixelmator team! Loweded Wookie. I started downloading it on the company network and it said it was going to be 4GB. I thought this must be the most amazing release ever. It then displayed as 30MB. About to use it soon but I just needed it on my machine. To dismiss all constructive criticism as people just masquerading designers is pretty naive.

Perhaps your needs are more simple, and that is fine. But some of the suggestions raised here are very good ones that would bring Pixelmator closer to being a true pro level app.

I think the reason so many people make requests is because they see just how very close it is to becoming that. With each release its becoming clear that it is very possible that it could, based on its feature set, be a true PS replacement.

Well done team pixelmator hope you have a well deserved break booked in. Not to me. I hold an MFA which I fought hard to get on my own dime. I just wanted to say thanks to the Pixelmator Team for continuing to keep kicking a release after release.

Thanks for all your hard work. I appreciate it every time I fire up Pixelmator. I remember a few years back when all the blogs said Pixelmator was just vaporware and would never reach a 1. They even said the screenshots had been built in Photshop.

Well, for all the haters out there take a look at Pixelmator Spider. To this day Adobe still can not do an interface this good or easy to use and Photoshop is on version what?

Keep up the great work. Polish: Dzi? No Pixelmator can NOT be used for print work. BUt generally at the moment I do imagery in Pixelmator and only swap out to colour correct of if the size becomes too much. Photoshop in comparison feels like a clumsy port of a bloated PC program to Pixelmators mac native feel. If you really need these features then contacting the developers directly would be much more productive.

Please give it up already. You can snap selection to guides if you ctrl-click or right-click on the selection and choose free transform. Should be able to snap for the original selection, I agree, but this is a decent workaround. It handles large resolution images you can even set the pixels per inch for an image. Thank you for the selection tip, that is really helpful. So it seems there is no way to know quickly how big the current selection is. But time is money and more steps sometimes cost an hour or two….

I could design a website with pixelmater, allright. But what if I need to use a design made in Photoshop… then I start to use lots of workarounds.

No editable text layers, visibility of layers scrambled,. Armin — Thanks for the quick reply! Awesome release, guys! Save for web was the most anticipated addon, and here it is. Once you add some vector drawing like PS does, we will get full PS dropin replacement for a great price. Thanks for your work! Only one thing that stops me using pixelmator all the time is problems with PSD import with nested layers. When do you plan to fix it? Is it possible to check roadmap?

I see some good stuff. The brushes panel in terms of usability falls somewhere between and 0. All the features you ask will be there at some point, but for god sake, this is release 1. Be patient, if software is not doing what you need, then suggest the feat. I too missed start-coordinates of the slice. I would like that! It would then be really nice if i could just lets say, right-click on that slice and click save this slice.

Please please, advanced type and color tools! Then pixelmator will be the web graphic editor of choice for all webdesigner using mac…. Awesome release! Saulius Dailide.

Spider is the most successful Pixelmator release since 1. Thank you for that! It is a huge pleasure to work on Pixelmator when everyone is so happy. Vitezslav Valka. Thank you again for 1. The 1. Cause i really need this on a daily basis in the work.

Hey Guys, big up! Congratulations for the job well done! I find myself using and learning Pixelmator alot these days. I must say, I am pleased with the work I end up doing with it. And hey, thanks for the lessons, please keep them coming as they help lots! Sorry, this app is still useless for me. Start drawing. Grant McCall. Grant — Check out VectorDesigner, its a nice option for now.

Check out their short features videos. Pixelmator — A number of PS using friends have now defected to Pixelmator. Keep the improvements coming! Max Howell. Pixelmator is a stunning example of OS X software.

The care, attention to detail and excellence in execution is obvious in almost every part of the application. Those of us who know it, tell our friends about it and use it whenever we can. There are other areas where your desire to be very clean in UI are detrimental.

We love that. But I know it will be held against you by some. I hope you can find a good compromise. I have faith in your skills frankly. Great update! Brent Just keep using CS1! The rest of us will keep happily using Pixelmator! Brent, you mean to tell me a piece of software that has been out since is more stable and has more features then a new app? Congrats, the software is great! But I would really appreciate if shadows, bevel and a brush palette with pages would be added to the software.

I love this application. But now it crash almost any time I try to open or save a file. I already search the web and tried many ways to fix it with no results.

Then I installed Pixelmator alone and again the same problem…. Pixelmator is great! When i bought my first version of Photoshop, version 2. I have used Photshop since then, but now I almost never touch Photoshop for my use. Ditto to post Great app!!!

My wish-list: a tool to make patterns and a better brush administration. Great job guys, thank you very much!!!! Je participe au concours macplus. Hey guys. Hi, it would be great to hear some news about the next steps in Pixelmator development. There has been no tweet or post on this topic since the release of 1. I think anyway. I do want to be wowed by a 2. Effect lines a la Expression 3. Vector integration? Bring in the vectors please… I hate going back to CS3, or inkscape or using the trial version of lineform.

Anyway, Merry Christmas, I throughly enjoy pixelmator. Is this the end for pixelmator or is the delayed release of 1. I just want to be able to doodle straight on the screen and Pixelmator strikes me as a better way of doing that than by installing Photocludge. Alternatively I hope we see 1.

Selection does not snap to guides 2. No pixel perfect positioning 3. Gradients do not use dithering which is really bad when trying to do a gradient with similar colors on a big area. Your gradients have wide bands of the same color and in Photoshop all color borders are dithered to give a nice smooth feel.

I Love Pixelmator! Pixelmator Blog. RSS Feed. September 8, Pixelmator Team Releases Pixelmator 1. Comments Hugh Gallagher Good work guys! Tomas Jakobs With my deep respect I want to thank you for this mastermind piece of software!!!!! Roel Job well done! Dmitry Great news. So glad to see everything working again in Snow Leopard! Weiters so!!!!!! Ovidiu Spatacian-Tarnu Thank you again for a great tool. This looks really cool. Thanks for the update! Chen Great! David Turnbull Great to see Spider has finally launched.

Keep up the good work! Really looking forward to trying this out…in three hours when the download is complete! Saulius Dailide Pixelmator Team. Has anyone tried it with a new aluminium iMac? Are there known problems using new iMacs with this software? Chris Papadopoulos. I love that the interface has a ton of animations and things that make the experience a lot more fun.

My first impression is extremely positive. Let me explain why. When workin in pixelmator with a reasonable amount of layers some tools become slow as molasses. Especially the type tool. Right now pixelmator is a nice retouch tool. But we have those like sand on a beach. I really am looking forward to pixelmator becoming an image creation tool, but for that it lacks too many essential features yet.

For now when I change brushes in the Eraser tool this will change the brush tip in the brush tool accordingly. Not good. If you brag about how No drop shadow filter. Can this be? If I have to start making extra layers or layer masks and blur them for shadows etc. I might as well use the GIMP. Other essential and useful filters adding borders, inner shadows, gradations on non-transparent parts of the layer etc. For creating graphics having vector shapes to create smoothly curved objects is essential.

There are still a few essential tools that have no shortcut. Its one of the most tools ever. I want to believe, guys. Rock on! I was somewhat skeptical about this but you did a very good job. More a competitor for Photoshop Elements I guess. Seriously, though, the transparency in all the windows is rather distracting when one has a palette like, say, the Tools palette over a complicated background like, say, my desktop. Perhaps an option to turn the transparency off, at least when working in windowed mode, would be in order?

As far as I can tell, it indicates where the effect you are applying will be centered, but that took a couple of minutes of testing to work out. To make things worse, the first time I encountered the string, it appeared to be connected to one of the controls on the dialog- given that it appeared to be attached to the dialog box on both ends, why would I connect it with being a positioning indicator?

I kept losing track of the cursor, and needing to move it entirely away from the canvas to find it again. Identifying the tools gets even harder when the palette is hovering over a noisy background which shows through the transparent window, such as my desktop.

Also, there is very little contrast between the black window and the black Magic Wand, Crop, and Text tools, making identifying those tools even harder. Now, lest you think that I am merely complaining about the program, I also ran into several features that I really liked. I also like how you remembered to make the area immediately surrounding each tool button act like the button itself when clicked.

Err, apologies for the novel-sized post, by the way. Edwards has just covered most of the points I wanted to make. I must say that I really like this application: it provides most of the features I use in Photoshop in a package that is less expensive, more user-friendly, and much faster. This single dialogue box in Photoshop makes it infinitely easier to compress and save your images for use in a website. Another one that saves me quite a bit of time, by cutting out any side of an image that is either transparent or just a monotonous expanse of colour.

Paul M. First impression is pretty good, solid and slick for a v1 product. Same as hitting tab in Photoshop does. Really useful in full-screen mode. Andy Jeffries. Pixels and bytes count! Very nice so far! Pleease include that, too in a future version. Pixelmator looks as good as we could expect from the appetizing screenshots on the website.

The basic functionality is here and the tools are OK. As others have said already, keyboard interaction could be improved and this is particularly important for an image editing tool since one usually wants to stay as much focused on the canvas as possible. An easy example is using keyboard arrows to change tools options instead of having to click them or move sliders.

Pixelmator can also be quite slow unlike its description suggests. First because if you start adding features on unpolished foundations, adding polish afterwards will be next to impossible. I would also suggest to drop most of the superlatives from the web pages. Leave judgement to your users and describe your product with a neutral tone.

If your tool is great, people will spread the word themselves. Morgan Roderick. What an incredible piece of software! Many thanks to all the developers involved in this project. Luke M Curley. Great application and a real competitor to Photoshop. Using it now and love it, looking forward to future releases.

It needs the same smooth grey anodized aluminum feel that iTunes and Leopard have, otherwise it feels out of place. Other than that, the black fits in well in full screen mode. Its been fun playing with Pixelmator, and I cannot argue with its value and functionality. The interface colors, however, make this software very difficult to use. For example, several of the palette icons are completely invisible on the black background. It worries me a little that a piece of visual design software would have such a fundamentally bad design choice.

HUDs are nice every now and then, but Pixelmator appears to have gone overboard. This looks like a very compelling product indeed. First is RAW support. Any hint of a timeline for that? Second one is about upgrades. Will you charge for upgrades? Any inkling of a cost structure in the future? Is the download slow for anybody else? I though Amazon S3 was supposed to be fast!

Michael Kostic. Nice work, especially if you think about the short development time. Especially with the sharpen and blur brushes. Oliver Nielsen. A feature request that comes up often is RAW support. No bit processing. An 8-bit greyscale image is then only shades of grey. Even Chocoflop and Acorn has that…. Give me a healing brush instead. Zoom… I wanna be able to zoom freely. And see the zoom percentage. And with a non-blurred image. I have to be able to judge the sharpness of the image.

Less bugs please… Pixelmator chokes on simple operations. Force quitting is not supposed to be a feature right? If it is, please remove it from the next release;-. The developers of Pixelmator are related to companies Jumsoft and BeLight — which are both companies who make great looking apps, yet apps that corrupt data. I speak from very frustrating past experiences with the apps Process, Live Interior and Swift Publisher.

And the support is almost non-existing. It seems Pixelmator may be the same get-rich-quick scheme… I dunno though. Just be wary people. PS: The betatester-offer was below dignity.



Remove Background – Pixelmator Pro Tutorials

It’s a snap to remove areas of similar color in an image with the Magic Eraser Tool. Explore over 90 inspiring tutorials that will help you learn everything there is to know about Pixelmator tools, features and how to use them. Jan 05,  · Pixelmator can also be used to create images from scratch thanks to the inclusion of a wide selection of drawing tools – these are particularly useful if you are working with a graphics tablet. And if you find that you are sharing work with Photoshop users, Pixelmator is capable of opening and saving the Photoshop format complete with layers. Erase using the Erase tool. Choose the Erase tool by doing one of the following: Click in the Tools sidebar or choose if from the grouped tools.; Choose Tools > Erase (from the Tools menu at the top of your screen).; Press the E key on your keyboard.; In the Tool Options pane, choose a brush to erase replace.me can also click to select a brush from one of the brush favorites.