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Microsoft is finally rolling out a new Insider Preview build today, packing a number of new features and enhancements! Windows 10 1703 download iso itape build is and is rolling out for PC Insiders in the Fast ring, and build for Mobile. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector перейти на источник rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: zacbowden.

US Edition. Contact me with news and offers from other Future больше информации Receive email from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors. Zac Bowden. Topics Windows 10 Mobile. See all comments Cortana notification improvements are nice.

But, look at that PC list! Agreed, Dammmmmm that PC isp. Totally agreed, Windows keyboard is the best. Can you hear the haters? Http:// you make me a sandwich?

By you should want down,oad replace your 3 year old Lumia This is a non issue. Exactly my plan. Sneaky little devil you are. Some things just work out Why should I windows 10 1703 download iso itape this? The only reason can be to windows 10 1703 download iso itape forced to. You have a none-argument and got no point here.

Sorry, the layout of comments make it hard to see exactly what you are replying to? Why should you want what exactly? Doanload we have seven wincows, lots of kids, that is expensive. Download office 2013 win 10 64 bit full crack, what is going on with cortana dictation and text predictions on 8.

They’ve been getting progressively worse over the past year, but this past week is extremely bad. All the phones and all users are experiencing the problem. It’s nearing a 50 percent incorrect word rate at this point. Problem is people me included still hang on downlpad the Lumia for the awesome camera and Glance etc and the new breed of W10m or future decides show no sign of continuing those features which is a bit sad.

My Nexus 4 is over 4 years old and does what I need, so if a Windows 10 1703 download iso itape phone still does what a person wnat why do they have to update it?

Maybe we don’t know that for certain. Also, given the speed at which tech changes, to keep expecting Посмотреть еще to have such a long feature support for посетить страницу источник devices will only stand to work against them. I agree. I had a and admit, it couldn’t run Windows 10 well I switched to my But if it runs as the did for RTM, I can’t be reaching for a pitchfork.

Full screen Edge It was always there. But you had to use a shortcut, which I have forgotten. I remembered it before typing this comment. Eownload actually wasn’t. Edge couldn’t do a thing about it and there was no address bar or anything. Actually, this is the same thing, but it’s just a button. Well that’s disappointing. But how do you do that on a touch screen with no doenload attached? The touch keyboard has an emoji button between Ctrl and Spacebar. One of my suggestion, MS should include offline dictionary to Cortana that would be wonderful and it will give edge a chance to compete with kindle because it has inbuilt dictionary.

Are you saying you want an offline dictionary for your internet browser? No, I am saying I need a dictionary for a e-book reader. Windows 8.

The entire build is chaotic and unpredictable on all my machines now, but it’s clearly the worst on the SP3. As soon as I remove my type cover the ridiculous “fun” begins. The virtual keyboard is a complete mess, Start Menu crashes or pops on and off by itself, File Explorer is starting to come up with all sorts of errors and OneDrive keeps crashing and insisting I have to sign back in детальнее на этой странице setup my OneDrive folders.

VERY unstable. Would like a windws video of this build either from Zac or Daniel. More importantly, when is your company making the Band ?? Edge update really sucks. You cannot enter a web address, so what’s the windows 10 1703 download iso itape of a web windows 10 1703 download iso itape. Is this really a browser MS? I really like the sound of most of those improvements in desktop. Tempted to jump back into the fast ring. Is anyone ever going to trust a fast ring update after last week.?

Fast Ring since December has been nearly rock solid and last week wasn’t a Fast Ring it was several releases windows 10 1703 download iso itape that. TBH, the bleeding edge of builds are just as stable as some pre-release builds years ago. Also, what’s the point of being a tester if your not testing or developing software?

You don’t need to test or be a developer With millions of user in window windows 10 1703 download iso itape program, Microsoft can collect winddows data. Http:// if Microsoft has to ita;e Windows 10 on thousands of different hardware configuration…. I updated my surface book to the fast ring and it resulted in green screens of ссылка на страницу every few hours. Not going downliad to fast ring for a while.

The green screen windows 10 1703 download iso itape downkoad blue screen for fatal system errors. The ring isn’t the issue. In all seriousness, it’s one thing: A failed update is unable to roll back. I don’t care if isi update told it to write all zeroes; it’s supposed to allow a failback scenario. Yes, complete and utter disappointment can’t even describe how I felt Enjoy your HP Elite in ios 16xxx branch as the rest of us look on It is a shame Having seen Eindows on Windows 10 Mobile and Microsoft doing its best to not mention anything as if it doesn’t exist, as if it didn’t happen, we are either in for the greatest reveal later in the year or our devices, including the HP Elite X3 and Alcatel Idol 4S and all other devices are about to be left in the dust due to a decision to make CShell only available on SD equipped phones.

I hope Microsoft doesn’t allow this to be a missed opportunity. If we are not heading to full Windows 10 on ARM in a phone form factor, Windows on phones will never capture the marketshare that it could. Coming from a career in IT, if it is not full Windows, it will not get fully funded and will be seen as a wast of time, money and man hours. We shall see what happens when Mobile folds back into the main branch and Feature 2 disappears. They already invested a lot with HP and the Elite windows 10 1703 download iso itape.

That phone is already being iwo by businesses. It would be a disgrace to just windlws W10M. They 100 probably upgrade the X3 to full Windows 10 when it’s ready. No necessarily full Windows 10 due to performance issues but I can see the X3 getting the Cshell continuum improvements.

Definitely will in eindows opinion. The HP is one great device that has plenty of power. I think it will easily cope with shell etc. So glad I got this phone. Best phone ever. Don’t even miss glance now or double tap downloae I use the fp reader when I pick it up. If eownload wasn’t so darned big Itae would’ve gotten one. I think the voting system is broken because I was ihape the buttons randomly. In the app Only visible to you.


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Dear lovers of old technology! Happy New Year! And sorry for the translation. The OS does see the adapter according to Device Manager. Tolle Seite, Dank an David und Steve! Die Treiber. Thank you so much- your site was helpful so many times over the years. I can report that with an edit of the. The edit involves adding a few lines to the.

The original inf contains the following section:. Once this is done, the driver installs with as long as Driver Signature is temporaily disabled using the Troubleshooting menu.

This combo works fine. My desire to use this card was based on finding a card that can be adapter to a PCI-e slot and would function under a UEFI bios with secure boot, as I eventually wat to go to Windows The does not have a bios, so there is no conflict with the UEFI bios of my mother board.

I was initially using a Firewire to Scsi adapter to run the scanner. The with Vuescan seems to be working well. With respect to modern motherbaord compatibility, this approach seems to be the only approach to install SCSI on motherboards without PCI slots that dose not require case modifications. The and cards, which too lack bios are likely compatible with UEFI, but these cards require a PCI-e to PCI riser to use in modern motherboards, which in turn requires a case modification due to the riser.

So, at least we know that this slightly older Win10 build works with the driver. Used a spare PCIe x16 slot in my mobo. Sadly, it isnt playing nice with an older AKAI sampler. Wondering if anyone has advice on what to buy? If it will even work with an adapter involved? Great job. Really appreciated your response and patience.

I could see that , since 4 years this blog is going on. Great yaar… Keep it up. Great job! For the N, I used the official driver, it works fine. I just got one and want to test as few cards as possible.

Comments from others indicate that the LSI Logic card has better compatibility with with old scsi devices. However, to get it working ive had to use an older computer with a PCI slot to fit the scsi adapter card an ava e. I would like to use this card on my main computer and bypass the need for an older system. So my question is, would a pcie to pci adapter card allow the older scsi pci card to still work?

If you do try, please comment here, thanks, Steve. This way the card itself is sitting firmly in the case but does not have the same stability as if the card would be sitting also in the PCIe-Slot. But having the card a bit loose in the case than modifying it.

That way the card itself is firmly in the case but not as firm as it would be inside the PCIe-Slot. But it is better than modifying the case or having the card laying loose in the case. I have a Adaptec AIC x scsi card. Any idea if it could work with windows 10? Should I just get a on Ebay. Of course I had one that I threw away earlier this year before I tried getting my Canonscan FS to run under win It has native Win10x64 driver.

Was your post about the Dawicontrol DC card in reply to my post about my AIC x scsi card or just a general recommendation? Your email address will not be published.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Step 1: Will these work with your card? You should be able to skip to Step 4 if you are using this driver. PNF, djsvs. I tested with a Iomega Jaz 2GB drive. Greg Jones. September 9, Reply. Thanks for the great tutorial. September 10, Reply. September 14, Reply.

Hi Steve Thanks for prompt reply and for updating the blog. September 15, Reply. Nuno Rodrigues. September 30, Reply. September 22, Reply. Hi Steve, thanks for putting together that information! September 23, Reply. Thanks P. Robert G. When I rebooted after using it. Windows 10 would not re-boot and I had to re-install everything. October 23, Reply. October 24, Reply. November 3, Reply. December 8, Reply. Adolpho Pereira. December 17, Reply.

December 19, Reply. Thank you for this article and the links to the drivers!! December 20, Reply. Guy Seinet. December 22, Reply. December 24, Reply. December 30, Reply. October 18, Reply. Shane Cook. After a bit more looking, I see you need to run command prompt as administrator and type bcdedit. To enable driver checks, enable again with bcdedit. December 31, Reply. January 16, Reply. January 22, Reply. March 12, Reply. March 13, Reply. Richard Osborne. April 2, Reply. Brian Kolins. June 20, Reply.

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Don’t worry about it. Edge Fullscreen Mode is weak. I want the mode from Modern IE. My xl battery bloated last week and now I’m rocking back my beloved Oh man, this phone with AU feels more stable and polished. My xl was full of weird issues. I’m happy for this phone not able to get the CU. The list of reasons why my with Windows Phone 8.

I merely tolerate my for testing how bad they keep making W Did anyone install this on SP4? Previous builds made the pen lag and skip some strokes in many apps like onenote.

I’m unable to install the build on my laptop. During the process of upgrading, I’m getting green screen and the build is being restored to current version of Does anyone know how to fix this? Same here I’ve checked the feedback and looks like a lot of people are facing the same issue Does This mean that PCs with physical keyboards can use the shape writing keyboard by touch pad!?

Can’t you resize it yourself? On Mobile now, I have again to start Cortana first after a restart that Cortana reacts to my voice. And the new feature of the Maps app no longer works for me to get voice navigation over the internal speaker while hearing music over a connected Bluetooth speaker.

Fixing bug is a good thing. But fixing only bugs in update after update is not good. How much time it takes to have cshell in our finally existing list of Lumia phones? Anybody knows? I think we will never see it on existing Lumias, sadly The series should get it given they both run continuum. Makes no sense not to in running insider program tests. It can take months. The rumors about cshell started before ended and it is still not ready to leave internal testing.

Should give you a hint about how monumental this task is. Had something to do with an inaccessible boot device. Seems that this build does not like Samsung SSD’s. Tried on our desktop with a EVO M. I have yet to see anyone who was successful in updating to with a Samsung SSD. Thanks for saying this. I tried 3 times to update and I couldn’t understand why.

Ok, can’t get the update finished either. System does a rollback each time. Same here. What’s so peculiar about Samsung SSDs? Finally there’s only one address bar in Edge. There have been more? What about the File History backup system?

Is Microsoft killing it like a rumour showd a few days ago? Probably just moved to the timeline. Just a word of caution.

This build for PC breaks my WiFi and cause weird UI glitches causing some elements to be unable to work or even get to. I had to roll back to a previous version. Pin website in taskbar is great but why open to edge. That’s stupid. If you pin from IE then it will open in IE. A multi-trillion dollar company cannot input the correct date on the copyright note. How the might have fallen Google takes us now with your shjt software, we’re all sitting ducks waiting on you. Not that simple. What procedure?

They cocked it up. It’s the second time in fact. They then told everyone not to install the build because it had serious bugs instead of saying Nadella has no leadership qualities and so we cocked up the software date. Unfortunately, it caused my WiFi to stop working on my original Surface Pro. Unfortunately, I didn’t read it before hand. You are very unfortunate person. I read the warnings, but my wireless stopped working properly on my Surface Pro 4. It registered as working, but wouldn’t see any networks to connect.

I gave up and just reverted. It’s sad knowing that most Windows 10 Mobile devices may never hit RS3. On PC, they can cut folks off pretty early under the pretense that the vast majority of systems would be compatible with the newer updates if the user chose to install them, but on Mobile, folks may be stuck. On which build are we going to see the C shell in mobile?????

Will it be in 16xxx series mobile build??? Maybe cshell is only for high end phone or new so called surface series. I’m loving this one Windows plan, how there is a perfect synergy between desktop and mobile. Love the advanced Cortana features for this Windows 10 build ! People app is missing on Someone posted earlier that this is a known bug and that you will have to reset the app.

Installed on my Surface Pro 4 – it worked for a while, then the wireless adapter would refuse to see any networks at all. Ended up reverting to the prior build and all is well again. Update fails with errorcode: 0x Bec mine have ceased to work after the Anniversary update.

Srry that is mediatake driver. Wlan driver of mediatek not getting recognised and supported in build I’m finding now that the PC build is really unstable. I am seeing my devices running into various random behaviors.

The most frequent one is the Start Menu keeps crashing. It will go away completely or sometimes show me the desktop and then pop back on again. The Mail app crashes randomly, too. All sorts of strange things. And it takes insanely long to boot up now on all devices. I sure hope they’re getting solid telemetry on this so they can fix it next build.

Same here, rolled back, first time for ages I’ve had to do that. Oh well, shouldn’t be long until the next build. Cortana detecting posters is amazing, as is finally having swipe keyboard on Windows 10 tablets, and dictation too.

The future looks really bright!!!!! The future is indeed bright. For those of you having trouble installing with a SSD. I had the “green screen of death” issue, uninstalling Acronis fixed it. I believe uninstalling Samsung Magician will yield the same result. I removed the SSD, attempted to update the old drive. Same result. Even disabled all non MS services. My best updated features are in the edge browser, it is a complete joy to use the edge browser.

It is fast, smooth and secured. Any Edge improvements? I am on. Anyone please help me If you are not in supported device list then you can change registry to get update. Bro can you pls tell me how to change the registry of the device. Why in the hell hasn’t MS acknowledged this issue?

They had all day Friday to not only acknowledge it, but to pull the build as well. Do they think the issue will magically go away? This update bricked my XL. Popped up with a message ” need to reset to configure ” and it never turned on again.

I really don’t understand that, since there isn’t a release preview build for mobile. Luckily, I guess, a couple days ago before this happened, I got fed up with the mobile data connection only working half of the time and bought an LG G6. I wasn’t a big fan of Android, but looks like it was meant to be. How can we change the registry of the device. Cant get on my PC. Keep getting a error message and ask to retry later.

This has been going on for 2 days now. NET Visual Studio setup should complete successfully. Several updates were released after Visual Studio. NET was released. Using an elevated Command Prompt or right clicking the updates in Explorer and selecting Run as administor, install them in the following order:. After following all these steps, Visual Studio should run, and even create, build, and run. NET 1. Save often, because I have had frequent crashes.

Use this opportunity to prepare your. NET such as 2. Question 3 years ago. I’m trying to follow this, but I get “This app can’t run on your PC. I have Windows 10 on a Surface Laptop. Answer 3 years ago. Does the error message say to get apps from the Windows Store?


Browse: Top Level > Software > Operating System CD-ROMs

Prerequisites: Visual installation discs – Subscribers of Visual Studio Professional with MSDN should download the ISO images of “Visual Studio. Question: For those of us sitting on Win10 , who are lucky enough to have the PRO version. We can delay “feature updates” (upgrades) for days. I downloaded the driver pak, imported and rebuilt my iboot image. You are loading Windows 10 or higher, correct? Physically install your SCSI card in to your computer if you haven’t already · Download either the AHAxx or AICxx driver for your card if. Page User Guide up to date. Formatted as FAT or FAT32 for Windows, MS-DOS (FAT) for macOS (if.❿

Windows 10 1703 download iso itape

Physically install your SCSI card in to your computer if you haven’t already · Download either the AHAxx or AICxx driver for your card if. Go to Windows site and download the media creation tool. Put it on a USB stick, 8 MB will work. Now get into your computers bios, and set it to boot from the. Page User Guide up to date. Formatted as FAT or FAT32 for Windows, MS-DOS (FAT) for macOS (if.