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It has also been reported that a proportion of attendances to EDs in different international systems could be managed in settings such as primary care. This study used routine ED data to define, measure and profile non-urgent ED attendances that were suitable for management in alternative, non-emergency settings. A validated process based definition of non-urgent attendance was refined for this study and applied to the data.

Using summary statistics non-urgent attenders were examined by variables hypothesised to influence them as follows: age at arrival, time of day and day of week and mode of arrival. Odds ratios were calculated to compare non-urgent attenders between groups. There were 3,, first time attendances to EDs , of which , were defined as non-urgent Alternative services are required to manage non-urgent demand, currently being borne by the ED and the ambulance service, particularly in out of hours.

Publication of the inspection follow-up letters of the ASN on its site web asn. The ASN carries out about inspections every year which concern the French nuclear facilities, the central services of nuclear operators or of their suppliers, and the transports of nuclear materials. Each inspection is followed by a follow-up letter which mentions all anomalies noticed during the inspection and eventually asks for some remedial actions or for some complements of information. This document brings together the letters published between february and May and concerning the on-site inspections of nuclear facilities Ed F nuclear power plants, CEA centers, Cogema facilities, other sites and the off-site inspections Andra, transports of nuclear materials.

Examines how metadiscourse is used to create a positive corporate image in CEOs’ letters , showing how CEOs use nonpropositional material to realize rational, credible, and affective appeals. Reveals the essentially rhetorical nature of CEOs’ letters by comparing the frequency and distribution of metadiscourse in their letters and directors’…. EDS operator and control software. Major topics discussed in this paper are the EDS operator interface SHELL program, the data acquisition and analysis scheduling software, and the graphics software.

The workstation concept used in EDS , the software used to configure a user’s workstation, and the ownership and management of a diagnostic are described. An EDS diagnostic is a combination of hardware and software designed to study specific aspects of the process. Overall system performance is discussed from the standpoint of scheduling techniques, evaluation tools, optimization techniques, and program-to-program communication methods.

EDS is based on a data driven design which keeps the need to modify software to a minimum. This design requires a fast and reliable data base management system. The benefits derived by using HP hardware and software as well as obstacles imposed by the HP environment are presented in relation to EDS development and implementation.

A very lively woman of fashion, she was close to Queen Charlotte and one of the Bluestocking Ladies. She left a vivid portrait of life and society in eighteenth century England and Ireland in the six volumes of her Autobiography and Letters , edited in by her descendant Lady Llanover. Her autobiography is made up of 18 letters sent to her most intimate friend, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Portland. The first letter is dated , but in this, as in the following ones, Mrs.

Delany narrates her past life to her friend, starting from the early years of her life, describing her unhappy marriage, financial difficulties as a widow, and family relationships. Delany is dealing with. The aim of this paper is to focus on the textual, linguistic and content differences between the two letter types, and analyse how the identity of Mary Delany is differently constructed and perceived in the explicit autobiographical letters addressed to the Duchess of Portland, and the ones written to her sister.

If you are an educator creating a course for ed X or a corporate trainer using Open ed X for large-scale learning and development initiatives, then ed X E-Learning Course Development is the ideal book for you. Letters of reference are commonly used in acquiring a job in education.

Despite serious issues of validity and reliability in writing and evaluating letters , there is a dearth of research that systematically examines the evaluation process and defines the constructs that define high quality letters.

The current study used NVivo to examine …. Sixty-Minute Review of Letter Writing. The article describes a one-hour presentation which provides a basic stereotyped pattern of letter organization for the four types of letters order, request, claim, and reply the business of secretarial student is most likely to have to write. The four paragraphs of the pattern are: purpose, explanation, optional, and closing. An extension of the tabulation of this history, which first appeared on the EDS website, is given in the attached PDF.

It is with sadness that we note one of the founders of the series, Prof. It has become a tradition to make an award in his name, and this year it was made to Ivan Isacov for his poster “Electrical levels of dislocation networks in p- and n-type silicon”. A short and warm celebration of Prof. Dr Alexander’s life by his friends and colleagues, Prof. The conference was a forum for the state-of-the-art of investigation and modelling of extended defects in semiconductors.

Scientists from universities, research institutes and industry made contributions to a deeper understanding of extended defects, their interaction with point defects and their role in the development of semiconductor technology. The remit of the conference included extended defects, nanostructures, nanoparticles, quantum dots and interfaces within semiconducting materials ranging from narrow to wide band gaps, including graphene-derived materials and diamond.

Scientific interests range from defect geometry, electronic structure, dynamics, spectroscopy, microscopy, reactions and chemistry to introduction mechanisms, such as implantation and strained layers and the operation of devices such as integrated circuits, heterostructures, and solar cells. The organisers were confronted with a long period between.

Calcolo scientifico esercizi e problemi risolti con Matlab e Octave. Esso affronta tutti gli argomenti tipici della Matematica Numerica, spaziando dal problema di risolvere sistemi di equazioni lineari e non lineari a quello di approssimare una funzione, di calcolare i suoi minimi, le sue derivate ed il suo integrale definito fino alla risoluzione di equazioni differenziali ordinarie e alle derivate parziali con metodi alle differenze finite ed agli elementi finiti.

Un capitolo iniziale conduce lo studente ad un rapido ripasso degli argomenti dell’Analisi Matematica e dell’Algebra Lineare di uso frequente nel volume e ad una introduzione ai linguaggi MATLAB e Octave. Al fine di rendere maggiormente incisiva la presentazione e fornire un riscontro quantitativo immediato alla teoria vengono implementati in linguaggio MATLAB e Octave tutti gli algoritmi che via via si introducono.

Vengono inoltre proposti numerosi esercizi, tutti risolti per esteso, ed esempi, anche con riferimento ad applicazioni in Ed F: high tension s metamorphosis. Electricite de France, the French electric utility, has to face a formidable mutation. The deregulation of the power market will lead to a social, commercial, judicial, financial and international ‘big-bang’. The company has been weakened by disappointing results and by an embarrassing running into debts. This dossier analyzes the consequences of the deregulation of the French power market on the future evolution of Ed F.

It includes the analysis made by a French economist, E. Cohen, an interview and a portrait of F. Roussely, head of Ed F, a presentation of Easenergy, a start-up of Ed F which makes partnerships with US energy-related companies, the worries of Ed F’s employees and the redistribution of the syndicates power inside the company, the controversy around Ed F’s results and the points that remained in the shade, Ed F’s European competitors and the progressive opening of the French power market, EDF’s production tool and its availability 58 nuclear reactors, hydroelectric power plants and 26 thermal power plants , the costly foreign markets strategy of Ed F and the under-capitalization of the company.

Initial and noninitial name- letter preferences as obtained through repeated letter rating tasks continue to reflect different aspects of self-esteem. We tested the usefulness of name- letter preference scores as indirect indicators of self-esteem by exploring whether multiple unsupervised self-administrations of letter rating tasks within a short period of time yield useful data.

We also examined whether preferences for initials and noninitial name- letters tap different aspects of self-esteem. They also completed a trait self-esteem questionnaire on the first measurement day as well as 6 months later. Preference scores for first-name initials were stronger but more unstable than preference scores for other name- letters. Preferences for first-name initials were primarily associated with directly measured state self-esteem whereas preferences for noninitials were primarily associated with directly measured trait self-esteem even if the latter was measured 6 months later.

Thus, we showed that preferences for initials and noninitials are not simply interchangeable. Previous letter rating studies, which almost exclusively used initial preferences, should be interpreted in terms of state rather than trait self-esteem.

In future studies, researchers should focus on the name- letter preference that reflects the aspect of self-esteem they wish to address. Advice letter on policy instruments renewable electricity. In a letter of July the Energy Council made recommendations for a policy framework with more obligations and fewer subsidies.

This included the Energy Council’s advice to investigate whether the introduction of a supplier obligation could play a major role in the realisation of the CO2 emission target of the Netherlands and increase the share of renewable energy in line with European agreements. This advice letter deals with one aspect of the broader considerations: the share of renewable electricity and the kind of incentive framework that is needed to achieve the target concerned.

This letter closes with conclusions and recommendations. From minding your Ps and Qs to wondering why X should mark the spot, Alphabetical is a book for everyone who loves words and language. Whether it’s how letters are arranged on keyboards or Viking runes, textspeak or zip codes, this book will change the way you think about letters for ever. How on Earth did we fix upon our twenty-six letters , what do they really mean, and how did we come to write them down in the first place? Michael Rosen takes you on an unforgettable adventure through the hi Full Text Available Abstract The intensity of emotion and fluctuation of meaning in the poet’s mind causes him to go beyond the ordinary language and convey intellectual and emotional meanings through metaphors, similes and linguistic preparations.

He has sharp eyes and a sensitive spirit and creative temperament and attempts strengthening his own literary language and creating personal style by inventing novel images, showing the creativity and imagination and entering in various arenas of imagination. This point more than anything else could be done by presenting images and new figures.

Perhaps in the sixth century, and especially in Azerbaijani school, more than other periods, poets have been looking for creating innovative style in eloquence. Their major attempts were mainly in imaging, a wide field that they have competed. It is obvious that in this illustration the alphabet letters would be very helpful. Khaghani’s Divan of poetry, as one of the greatest poets of this school, is the perfect poetical book of paintings in which meaning has been hidden under a delicate pattern and new different scientific, cultural and religious images.

Letters are a broad range of elements that put a new field in front of the poet and he is aware of the potential features of the letters , new images, and artistic creativity techniques as well. Letter have a double and even multiple application in Khaghani’s poetic works divan and moreover the construction of words and conveying meaning which is the real and common usage, they were used as artistic instruments.

Letter position coding across modalities: the case of Braille readers. The question of how the brain encodes letter position in written words has attracted increasing attention in recent years. A number of models have recently been proposed to accommodate the fact that transposed- letter stimuli like jugde or caniso are perceptually very close to their base words.

Here we examined how letter position coding is attained in the tactile modality via Braille reading. The idea is that Braille word recognition may provide more serial processing than the visual modality, and this may produce differences in the input coding schemes employed to encode letters in written words. We found a word-frequency effect for words.

In addition, unlike parallel experiments in the visual modality, we failed to find any clear signs of transposed- letter confusability effects. This dissociation highlights the differences between modalities. The present data argue against models of letter position coding that assume that transposed- letter effects in the visual modality occur at a relatively late, abstract locus.

Digit and letter alexia in carbon monoxide poisoning. This study examined a year-old patient with delayed encephalopathy, who was admitted to hospital with complaints of headache and visual impairment 1 week after acute carbon monoxide poisoning.

The results of a visual field assessment, electroencephalography and head magnetic resonance imaging indicated damage to the cerebral cortex.

After a 2-week treatment period, the patient had recovered from the visual impairment, but exhibited digit- and letter -reading difficulty. The Chinese aphasia battery and the number and letter battery supplement were conducted.

The results revealed that the patient exhibited digit and letter alexia, while the ability to read Chinese characters was preserved. In contrast, the patient exhibited a deficit in Chinese character writing, while number and letter writing remained intact. Following treatment, reading and writing ability was improved and electroencephalographic abnormalities were ameliorated.

Overall, our experimental findings demonstrated that delayed encephalopathy following acute carbon monoxide poisoning was characterized by digit and letter alexia. In discussing letter -writing methods for business communication classes, the article explains that claim letter formats other than the direct approach are not only legitimate, but also effective, and suggests that the approach selected should depend upon the circumstances surrounding the claim.

Culture and subculture in transactional letter writing. We examined the letters accompanying articles initially submitted for publication by 26 NSE and 23 NNSE academics, and compared them with ef Particles and nuclei, letters. Full Text Available The question of how the brain encodes letter position in written words has attracted increasing attention in recent years.

Experimental test of contemporary mathematical models of visual letter recognition. A letter confusion experiment that used brief durations manipulated payoffs across the four stimulus letters , which were composed of line segments equal in length. The observers were required to report the features they perceived as well as to give a letter response. The early feature-sampling process is separated from the later letter -decision process in the substantive feature models, and predictions are thus obtained for the frequencies of feature report as well as letter report.

Four substantive visual feature-processing models are developed and tested against one another and against three models of a more descriptive nature. The substantive models predict the decisional letter report phase much better than they do the feature-sampling phase, but the best overall 4 X 4 letter confusion matrix fits are obtained with one of the descriptive models, the similarity choice model.

The present and other recent results suggest that the assumption that features are sampled in a stochastically independent manner may not be generally valid. The traditional high-threshold conceptualization of feature sampling is also falsified by the frequent reporting by observers of features not contained in the stimulus letter.

CERN Multimedia. The purpose of the joint project beteween CERN and EDS is to carry out research and development in the field of monitoring, management and operation of grid services. Full Text Available Background: Fibronectin seems to play a very important role in the progression and invasion of bladder cancer. The aim of this study is to investigate the mRNA of fibronectin in transitional carcinoma cells TCC of bladder to study these domains.

Methods: A total of 20 patients with known bladder cancer were studied. Two of them excluded since their excised tissues were not enough for both the pathological examination and RNA study.

Another 20 control group were normal volunteers who needed bladder operations. Results: For the first time, we present the expression of the oncofetal fibronectin mRNA in the transitional cell carcinoma of bladder. None of the normal volunteers expressed the oncofetal extra domains. The evidence for the effectiveness of the first letter mnemonic technique is confused. There are at least three studies showing no effect, and one where an improvement in recall occurred. Reports two experiments which attempted to locate the conditions under which the first letter mnemonic is effective.

Extra-large letter spacing improves reading in dyslexia. Although the causes of dyslexia are still debated, all researchers agree that the main challenge is to find ways that allow a child with dyslexia to read more words in less time, because reading more is undisputedly the most efficient intervention for dyslexia. Sophisticated training programs exist, but they typically target the component skills of reading, such as phonological awareness.

After the component skills have improved, the main challenge remains that is, reading deficits must be treated by reading more—a vicious circle for a dyslexic child. Here, we show that a simple manipulation of letter spacing substantially improved text reading performance on the fly without any training in a large, unselected sample of Italian and French dyslexic children.

Extra-large letter spacing helps reading, because dyslexics are abnormally affected by crowding, a perceptual phenomenon with detrimental effects on letter recognition that is modulated by the spacing between letters. Extra-large letter spacing may help to break the vicious circle by rendering the reading material more easily accessible.

Letters of reference are widely used as an essential part of the hiring process of newly licensed teachers. While the predictive validity of these letters of reference has been called into question it has never been empirically studied. The current study examined the predictive validity of the quality of letters of reference for forty-one student…. Teaching letter sounds to kindergarten English language learners using incremental rehearsal.

Proficiency in letter -sound correspondence is important for decoding connected text. This study examined the effects of an evidence-based intervention, incremental rehearsal IR , on the letter -sound expression of three kindergarten English language learners ELLs performing below the district benchmark for letter -sound fluency.

Participants were native speakers of Hmong, Spanish, and Polish. A multiple-baseline design across sets of unknown letter sounds was used to evaluate the effects of IR on letter -sound expression. Visual analysis of the data showed an increase in level and trend when IR was introduced in each phase.

All participants exceeded expected growth and reached the spring district benchmark for letter -sound fluency. Results suggest that IR is a promising intervention for increasing letter -sound expression for ELLs who evidence delays in acquiring letter sounds. Published by Elsevier Ltd. We certify that the wording of this letter of credit is identical to the wording specified in 40 CFR Particles and Nuclei, Letters.

The elaboration of motor programs for the automation of letter production. We investigated how children learn to write letters. Letter writing evolves from stroke-by-stroke to whole- letter programming. At ages 6 and 7 movement duration, dysfluency and trajectory increased with stroke number. This indicates that the motor program they activated mainly coded information on stroke production.

Stroke number affected the older children’s production much less, suggesting that they programmed stroke chunks or the whole letter. The fact that movement duration and dysfluency decreased from ages 6 to 8, and remained stable at ages 8 and 9 suggests that automation of letter writing begins at age 8.

Peer assessment of outpatient consultation letters — feasibility and satisfaction. Full Text Available Abstract Background Written correspondence is one of the most important forms of communication between health care providers, yet there is little feedback provided to specialists.

The objective of this study was to determine the feasibility and satisfaction of a peer assessment program on consultation letters and to determine inter-rater reliability between family physicians and specialists.

Methods A rating scale of nine 5-point Likert scale items including specific content, style items, education value of the letter and an overall rating was developed from a previous validated tool. Two Internal Medicine specialists, and 2 family physicians from the other centre rated each letter to protect writer anonymity. A satisfaction survey was sent to each writer and rater after collation of the results.

A follow-up survey was sent 6—8 months later. Results There was a high degree of satisfaction with the process and feedback. Raters rank ordered letters similarly Cronbach’s alpha 0. At site 1 there were significant differences in scoring brevity p Conclusion Most participants found peer assessment of letters feasible and beneficial and longstanding changes occurred in some individuals.

Family physicians and specialists appear to have different expectations on some items. Further studies on reliability and validity, with a larger sample, are required before high stakes professional assessments include consultation letters.

Pseudo-synesthesia through reading books with colored letters. A relatively common type of synesthesia involves perception of color when viewing letters e. In this study, we examine whether traits typically regarded as markers of synesthesia can be acquired by simply reading in color.

A modified Stroop task was administered before and after reading. A perceptual crowding task was administered after reading. Readers did not show significant performance advantages on the crowding task compared to controls. Acknowledging the many differences between trainees and synesthetes, results suggest that it may be possible to acquire a subset of synesthetic behavioral traits in adulthood through training. Reading in color appears to be a promising avenue in which we may explore the differences and similarities between synesthetes and non-synesthetes.

Additionally, reading in color is a plausible method for a long-term ‘synesthetic’ training program. Letter of Map Revision. Hearing of Mr. Francois Roussely, President d’ Ed F. This document is the proceedings of the hearing of F.

Roussely, President of Electricite de France Ed F , at the commission of economic affairs of the French house of commons, about the advisability of the construction of the EPR European pressurized reactor demonstration plant and about its possible financing by Ed F. In a first part, F. Roussely recalls the European context of deregulation of energy markets and its impact of the French electric power industry opening of the French market, industrial and social actions of Ed F, need of a new generation of nuclear reactor, preservation of Ed F’s energy mix, warranty of public utility, un-bundling between energy trade and distribution, Ed F’s turnover and profitability, Ed F’s foreign daughter companies.

In a second part, F. Roussely answers a series of questions asked by the different members of the commission concerning the different points presented in the first part.

Patient information letters on nutrition: development and implementation. Five nutritional guidance letters have since been developed with the Dutch Nutrition Center. Color associations for days and letters across different languages. While colors are commonplace in everyday metaphors, relatively little is known about implicit color associations to linguistic or semantic concepts in a general population.

In this study, we test color associations for ordered linguistic concepts letters and days. The culture and language specificity of these effects was examined in a large group of Dutch-speaking participants, 92 English-speaking participants, and 49 Hindi-speaking participants.

Non-random distributions of color choices were revealed; consistencies were found across the three language groups in color preferences for both days and letters. Interestingly, while the Hindi-speaking participants were presented with letter stimuli matched on phonology, their pattern of letter -to-color preferences still showed similarities with Dutch- and English-speaking participants.

Furthermore, we found that that the color preferences corresponded between participants indicating to have conscious color experiences with letters or days putative synesthetes and participants who do not non-synesthetes.

We also explored possible mechanisms underlying the color preferences. While certainly not all variation can be explained or predicted, the results show that regularities are present in color-to- letter or color-to-day preferences in both putative synesthetes and non-synesthetes across languages. Both letter -to-color and day-to-color preferences were influenced by multiple factors. The findings support a notion of abstract concepts such as days and letters that are not represented in isolation, but are connected to perceptual representational systems.

Full Text Available While colors are commonplace in everyday metaphors, relatively little is known about implicit color associations to linguistic or semantic concepts in a general population. There were a few specific associations, including red for A, red for Monday, and white for Sunday. We also explored more general mechanisms, such as overall color preferences shown by Simner et al Michelangelo, a Tireless Letter Writer.

Full Text Available A titan of artistic creation, the sculptor-painter-architect Michelangelo was also a tireless letter writer.

Five hundred and eighteen of his letters have reached us, stretching from his youth to the eve of his death, but we know that many others have been lost. How To Write a Business Letter. Power of the Printed Word.

Business letters should turn people on rather than turning them off. To write a good business letter , know what the goal is before starting to write, call the reader by name, tell what the letter is about in the first paragraph, refer to dates when answering letters , and write from the reader’s point of view.

Be positive, be nice, and be natural. Full Text Available The pressures of patient demand on emergency departments EDs continue to be reported worldwide, with an associated negative impact on ED crowding and waiting times. Having a portable ultrasound available to your ED will enable you to perform scans during the nighttime hours, instead of having patients wait for several hours until the radiology department opens.

Additional time can be saved by having a technologist read the scans, which frees your ED physicians for other duties. Having ED docs contact the technologist directly, rather than going through a resident, also saves valuable time. Arriving at a diagnosis more quickly provides a boost to patient safety. Full Text Available In the year was adopted the Publication no. Publication no. The Publication no.

The new Publication has brought a number of changes on the issues regarding the performance of the letters of credit, both in the relationship with the nonbanking institutions participants and in the relationship between the credit institutions participating in the performance of the letter of credit.

This study, without being exhaustive, aims to capture the main aspects of novelty brought by the publication no. It has in view, in particular, the irrevocable character of the letter of credit, the elaboration method and procedure of the letter of credit, the participants to the unfolding of the specific relationship of the letter of credit and the main duties of the involved credit institutions. Return to sender: Constantijn Huygens as a man of letters.

Evidence for magnocellular involvement in the identification of flanked letters. Little is known about the role of the magno system in reading. One important hypothesis is that this system is involved in the allocation of attention. We reasoned that the presentation of a single letter automatically draws attention to this letter , whereas in the case of a flanked letter , an. Letter to Carl Niigeli. We reproduce an english translation of one of these letters below, in which This area is characterized by lush vegetation of native trees and visual towards the Andes leaks.

In this project the use of wood predominates, which is subtly integrated with the natural environment. Letters of intent. After initial discussions of ‘Expressions of Interest’ at the specially arranged meeting at Evian-les-Bains, France, earlier this year May, page 1 , three Letters of Intent have emerged, together involving nearly physicists from research institutes all over the world.

As well as these researchers listed on the documents, the plans in fact involve many additional technical specialists who work behind the scenes. It was a historic moment as these three detector proposals were aired at the first open meeting of the new LHC Experiments Committee. CERN’s main auditorium and a large overflow room receiving relayed video pictures were both packed.

From these three schemes – ATLAS, CMS and L3P – and the first reactions to their letters of intent, eventually two projects will emerge, for which full technical proposals will be prepared, including construction plans and credible costings. Background Synesthesia is a phenomenon where a stimulus produces consistent extraordinary subjective experiences.

In this study, we examine whether traits. Letters on nuclear controversy. Heinz Maier-Leibnitz a well-known scientist, nuclear physicist, for 50 years, who publicily supported the idea not to overrate the dangers of peaceful utilization of nuclear energy, has grown tired of talking only to colleagues. He invites a junior fellow physicist, who held engaged speeches against the nuclear power plant Zwentendorf, to an exchange of thoughts.

Peter Kafka, an astro-physicist studied the self organisation of the universe from the big bang to the economic crisis and encountered the question of which conditions have to be fulfilled to prevent progress from becoming caranogenous. He became one of the spokesmen of ‘political ecology’ and called for resistance again large-scale technological use of scientific knowledge. He was enthusiastic about the idea of an exchange of letters , because he – just like his partner – believes in gaining knowledge by discussion.

The variety of subjects is sketched briefly in form of three lectures. In the letters both scientists discuss intensly about: – Freedom of science and responsibility of science. In the end no one has convinced the other. The reader however finds a lot of new incentives in the letters – printed in unabridged form – a lot of new and significant arguments for a discussion which has only just started.

Transposed- letter priming of prelexical orthographic representations. A prime generated by transposing two internal letters e. In lexical decision, this transposed- letter TL priming effect is generally weak or absent for nonword targets; thus, it is unclear whether the origin of this effect is lexical or prelexical.

The authors describe the Bayesian Reader theory of masked priming D. Sultan A Neja. The competency of microbiology professionals is obtained through the theoretical knowledge gained in the class and the practical skills and applications that lead to the better understanding and interpretations the subject matter. This laboratory manual is designed to guide the student through basic microbiology laboratory techniques, procedures and experiments.

It provides students good techniques in practical investigations to ensure and proceed safely and to successfully achieve the required educational and research aims.

The main portion of this manual involves the identification of unknown microbial agents. The manual can also be used as a reference material and guideline protocol for basic microbiological practices and research experiments.

This laboratory manual encompasses the basic laboratory techniques which start with description about basic laboratory safety rule, cleaning and sterilization methods, bacterial staining techniques, bacterial culturing methods, primary identification and secondary biochemical tests and antibiotic sensitivity tests.

It also includes commonly used serological tests, mycological and viral culture and identification technique. High standards of laboratory safety and containment that will ensure healthy working conditions for student, laboratory staff and protection of the environment must be of the greatest priority. They can only be achieved by careful study of the principles involved followed by practical application to premises, facilities, operating procedures and hygiene. Orientations or short term training must be given to all students and laboratory personnel before they are entirely allowed to use the laboratory.

Amro mannaa. The majority of the respondents being No significant relationship was found to exist between risk analysis at the inception of ESP projects and their implementation. Poor risk analysis in the ESP projects might have failed to anticipate the delays in the implementation of some of these projects and uncover the difficulties faced in their implementation leading to delays and non-completion of projects.

To do this, three objectives were identified and consequently three hypotheses were developed. The study further found that there was a significant relationship between consultations at the inception of ESP projects and their completion.

On risk analysis the study found out that only The majority of the respondents that is Overall there was a significant negative relationship between financial planning, timeliness of implementation of ESP projects and completion of ESP projects. There is need for bottom up and more consultative approach in future projects being implemented by the government to ensure success. This is informed by the finding that consultations at project inception were insufficient and external interference was experienced.

This requires the government to get projects proposals from the public as happens in other devolved funds like CDF and LATF other than imposing projects on the public. The chi-square tests performed on all the financial planning aspects and their effects on implementation of ESP projects showed that significant relationship exists between the Financial planning aspects and implementation of ESP projects.

This implies that the null hypotheses developed were rejected and consequently the alternative hypotheses accepted. Kenya is made up of 47 counties while this study covered only one county. Similar researches can be replicated in other counties for the purpose of comparing the results. Studies can be carried out to find the impact of the ESP on the economic well being of the people in Embu County. Aloworo, D. Available at: www. Bell, J. Buckingham: Open University Press.

Centre for Governance and Democracy Available at www. CERF, Department of Energy DOE 5. Gikonyo, W. Hashim, R. International Review of Business Research Papers. International Monetary Fund, Kerlinger, F. Foundations of Behavioural Research 2nd Edition. Ministry of Finance, Economic stimulus Programme Implementation Guide. Nairobi: Government Printer. Mugenda, O. Research Methods; Quantitative and qualitative approaches. Mulusa, Evaluating Education and Communication Development programmes.

Nairobi: University of Nairobi. Nassiuma, D. Survey Sampling; Theory and Methods. Nairobi: Nairobi University Press. Nigerian Experience. Obadan, M. The Federal Budget. Factors Affecting performance. Pandey, I. Financial Management 9th Ed. Pell, M. Nairobi, Kenya: E. Educational Publishers. World Bank, Economic Crisis in a Globalized World.

Yahie, MM. Yahya, S. Kualar Lumpur, Malaysia. Malaysian Management review. We collected data through structured questionnaires from customers of Amazon. We examined the relationship between independent variables i. This research study basically tries to find out the importance of electronic commerce tools and preferences of the customers of Amazon.

Sample of customers was taken to measure the extent of relationship among variables. We used t test, regression and correlation to test our hypothesis whether the relationship among variables is positive or either negative. The results of the study show that there is positive and significant relationship among independent variables i. Care, customization, contact interactively and dependent variable i.

The selling and purchasing of products with the help of electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks is known as electronic commerce Mariga, Electronic commerce includes online development of entire system of purchasing and selling, promoting and distributing. The buying and selling of products conducted by electronic means has grown extremely with extensive use of Internet. There are different practices of electronic commerce in different industries such as electronic funds transfer, e marketing, online transaction processing, supply chain management, inventory management systems, and automated fund collection systems suggested by Lendrum, Electronic commerce is usually conducted with the usage of World Wide Web, e-mail, mobile devices and telephones.

The paper begins with the reviewing the basic definition of electronic commerce and customers loyalty. Electronic commerce is defined by the Applegate et al, , Electronic Commerce is more than simple purchasing and selling of services and goods by using electronic means, it also includes electronic communication and all other actions which add value to the whole supply chain.

Kuehn, is also said that it is a probability of product purchase. Customization Customization refers to offer customized products to the customers according to the requirement of every individual customer.

Wind, suggested that the companies which do not provide customized products can lose its customers. The main objective of offer the customized products are to increase the satisfaction of the customers. A research study conducted by Fung, found that customization of the products on website and customer e loyalty is strongly associated with each other.

By personalizing its site, an e-retailer can minimize this dissatisfaction. Customization also creates the understanding of better choice by facilitate a quick focus on what the customer actually desires Shostak, Contact interactivity Numerous researchers have conducted research the significance of interactivity and its relationship with customer loyalty in electronic commerce.

Contact interactivity refers to the participation and engagement between e tailor and customer through its website. Alba et al, also told that contact interactivity has positive relationship with customer loyalty.

The basic aims are as follows: To identify the importance of Electronic Commerce Practices in Pakistan.

Data collected from those people who are the customers of Amazon. To assurance that specific sample within a population is sufficiently represented the whole population. Stratified sampling was used to collect data. A structured questionnaire was filled from respondents. This sample was constructed from the total Amazon customers in the city of Rawalpindi.

Kahn, suggested that customization of the products effect the customer e loyalty. Large selection of the products can confuse the customer to take decision of the purchase. Srinivasan et al suggested that contact interactively affects the customer e loyalty. He told that when a customer purchases a book from tradition book store then there is a limited option available for customers to evaluate the book. In the case of online buying of the book he can read the comments and reviews of the other user of the book that make easy to take decision about the product.

Due to these reasons there is required to contact interactively with customers. It helps to tailor the products according to the desires and preferences of the customers. Lii et al, revealed that contact interactively is directly linked with customer e loyalty and it increases the e loyalty of the customers. Care and Customer E Loyalty: According to the findings of Rummel, social relationship with customers and communities effect on customers e loyalty.

The customer care increased the e loyalty of the customers. SS Srinivasana et al, pointed out that relationship with community members, providing the advice and information increases the e loyalty of customers. Do the Electronic Commerce Practices increases the satisfaction and loyalty of customers towards organization? What types of Electronic Commerce Practices most valued and desired by the customers? Deviation E -Loyalty 3. Similar is there the case with contact interactively, care and E. While standard deviation shows degree of variation in care is.

Loyalty with contact interactively, care and customization. The Pearson correlation analysis shows that the correlation among independent and dependent variables. The value. E Loyalty. The other independent variables such as Contact interactively and care shows the values.

Value of R represents the relationship between Contact interactively, customization, care and E Loyalty. R square represents that overall Adjusted R square represents that there is Mean square MS is calculated by dividing the value of sum of squares by the values of degree of freedom, it will also give mean but in square form. Further value of F represents the fitness goodness of model by showing value of And what types of Electronic Commerce Practices most valued and desired by the customers?

This research study proves that the use of electronic commerce practices such as care, contact interactively and customization increases the satisfaction and loyalty of the customers. This research study also suggested that contact interactively is most desirable by the Amazon customers.

Anyhow some cultural factors may also effect on customization, contact interactively, care and customer e loyalty. Different researchers have recommended that initiatives such as improving the look of the storefront and the positive appearance of service employees will enhance the loyalty of customers in the traditional retail system. However, there are number of variables distinctive to e-retailing that have not been assessed in the previous customer loyalty literature.

This research study has identified three factors that affect e-loyalty of customers. Three factors considered, customization, contact interactivity and care were found to have a significant impact on e-loyalty. E-loyalty demonstrated the highest elasticity with respect to contact interactively and care. If the companies use these variables such as care, customization and contact interactivity then the customers will be more satisfied and loyal to the company.

From a managerial perspective, e-retailers can launch early warning systems based on continuously measuring customer perceptions. So that management can take appropriate remedial action when any of these dimensions is perceived as falling below an acceptable level.

We considered three factors i. There could be some other factors such as trust, Community, Convenience and choice used to explore the more accurate results. I like this website 2. I am considering switching to another website for online buying. I could switch website to purchase products.

Whenever I need to make a purchase, I would use this website. Whenever I made online purchase, I preferred this website to purchase the products. This website is the best online buying website. This is my favorite website for online purchasing.

Customization 8. This website offers that products which match my needs. This website offers unique products for me. This website offers customized products. The advertisement of this website makes sense that it offers tailored products according to my needs. Contact Interactively There is a search tools which helps me to search a desired product from website. This website provides enough information about the products. I believed that this website is user friendly. This website helps me to take purchase decision.

This website is not an engaging website. Care This website delivers the products in time. I feel uncomfortable during the process of busying the product. I feel that this website does not solve customers query in time. Customers can provide their feedback on this website about the products. I face online payment problem last time when I made a purchase from this website. Applegate M.

L Macfarlan W. F and Mackenny J. Bolton, Ruth N. Feinberg, Richard J. Julie R. IRM Press. Kahn, Barbara E.

Dynamic relationships with customers: high-variety strategies, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 26 Winter , 45— Lidsky, David Lii, H. Lim, and L. Tseng, The effects of web operational factors on marketing performance, Journal of Amercian Academy of Business, 5 1 , Lipstein, Benjamin Poleretzky, Zoltan Punj, Girish N.

Salvati, Tony Schrage, Michael Shostak, G. Lynn Srini S. Journal of Retailing 78, pp Fung, Banking with a personalized touch: Examining the impact of website customization on commitment, Journal of Electronic Commerce Reserach, 9 4 , While there are divergent views about the significance of this technology, one thing is most definite — the youths, especially university students have incorporated the use of social media into their daily routine. The study, conducted in Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, a metropolitan university in Nigeria, surveyed students out of which The study, conducted within the theoretical ambience of mediamorphosis, found that most students use social media more to connect with their existing relationships than using it to create new relationships.

In this regard, social networking could be described as an extension of face-to-face communication, a situation where old and new media live in mutual coexistence without abolishing the old ones. The study also revealed that mobile phone constitutes the most popular means through which the students access social media. Perceived negative effects of social networking as revealed by the study are time wastage, invasion of privacy, addiction and promotion of social vices. This form of I communication, otherwise known as social networking has become one of the most important products of Internet technology.

From the various studies, while some individuals perceive social networking site as a form of distraction or a platform where the youths share some ephemeral issues about life when they are supposed to be engaged with more serious issues like their academics, career, and trade, others argue that social networking is a social phenomenon and must be approached from multiple perspectives. Hence, social networking has both good and bad sides. This study provides descriptive information about how university students fresh and final year use the various social networking platforms.

Critical questions for understanding the pattern of utilization of such applications address the time spent on it, motivations behind the use of such sites, and their perceived benefits and danger. This form of relationship, popularly known as social networking, allows people to relate and connect with one another in the virtual realm through wired social networking sites. One good thing about social networking is that everyone within the network can participate in an ongoing debate, share contents, photographs, opinion, create and join groups of interest.

Popular among the social networking sites are Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube; all these have attracted millions of users all over the world and have become a common language among the present generation especially the youths and teenagers who have integrated them into their daily routines.

By definition, social networking sites are those web sites that allow users create connection through the Internet to share and exchange content, chat or leave message Vivar and Aguilar, For Ellison, Lampe and Steinfield , social networking sites allow users to engage in virtual representation, articulate connections, view their own networks and the networks of others and fundamentally, allow individuals share both serious and ephemeral changes about life. The first social networking sites, SixDegrees.

Since then, many other social network sites are burgeoning in the virtual domain but it has been observed that MySpace and Facebook have dwarfed the other social networking sites due to the large traffic they attract Kent, In fact, social networking became more popular between and with the launch of MySpace and Facebook Stollak, Vanderberg, Burklund, Weiss, While Facebook and MySpace are the most popular social network sites, the popularity and adoption of any social networking site may vary from country to country and from time to time.

According to Boyd and Ellison , in Africa, social networking becomes more popular as a result of the improvement in mobile communication that allows the owners to get connected to the virtual world. Some argue that users, by displaying their personal information, may be putting themselves at risk both online and offline. However, the high level of diffusion among people shows that there are certain needs that social networking sites gratify.

Nyland explored the motivations for use of Internet social networking in comparison with other communication alternatives email and face-to-face communication and found that users tend to find it social networking more convenient than face-to-face communication. The result of the research on the uses and gratifications of Myspace and Facebook by Raacke and Bonds-Raacke reveal that significant proportion of students use the social networking sites for making new friends and locating old friends.

This finding also lend credence to an earlier survey of college students in the United States which reveals that social networking sites are used for social interaction with offline acquaintances in order to maintain friendships rather than to make new friends Ellison, Lampe and Steinfield, Nyland and Near conducted an exploratory factor analysis on the relationship between the use of social networking and the religiosity of the individual and the result reveals five main uses of social networking sites which are: meeting new people, entertainment, maintaining relationships, learning about social events, and sharing media.

However, the result shows no relationship between exposure to social networking sites and religiosity. While Internet has a lot of social and educational relevance, most of the literatures about online social networking sites are tilted toward their negative dimensions Ahmad, However, studies show that social networking sites have potentials to become valuable resources to support teaching and learning though it is still unclear how this can be done Roblyer, McDaniel, Webb, Herman and Witty, But does it mean that high social media penetration is tantamount to high Internet penetration?

According to the report of the United Nations body, International Telecommunications Union ITU , a comparison of data from Facebook, which is arguably the world most popular social networking site, reveals that in some developing countries the number of Facebook users are as many as Internet users.

However, the report added that such comparison should be done with caution since Internet users are individuals while Facebook accounts may belong to individuals and corporate organisations. Some social networking sites are designed to cater for the interest of some groups, individuals, continent, region or country.

In Nigeria for instance, social networking sites like Nairaland, Naijapals, onlineNigeria, LagosMeet, LagBook, Nigerianbestforum, 9jabook are popular among the youths especially those seeking for platform to get latest information about job opportunities, politics, gossips and those who want to chat, flirt and date.

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace can however be described as the mainstream social networking sites due to their global pervasiveness.

Internetworldstats also revealed that as at March 31, , of all the world According to the internetworldstats, as at in Africa, Nigeria maintains third position in terms of the number of Facebook users, coming behind Egypt and South Africa whose figure stood at 9. The tables below provide the latest information on African Internet Status, Population statistics and social networking Facebook figure. Source: www. Thus, social relationship through face-to-face communication is metamorphosing with the insurgence of social networking sites.

With a gradual shift from face-to-face communication and the swift integration of social networking to the daily routines of people, mediamorphosis theory can be used to explain these changes.

Mediamorphosis was first used by Kurt Blaukopt, an Austrian music sociologist Sperlich, to signify the metamorphosis of music in relation to the dominant role of the electronic media in contemporary music life Blaukopt, For Fidler , mediamorphosis involves the changes of communication media that are brought about by the interplay of multiple factors such as perceived needs, competitive and political pressures and social and technological innovation.

Hence, the changes in the communication technology should not only be seen as a mere technological transformation but should also be considered as an interdependent relationship between the past and the present.

By this, we mean that this new means of communication social networking did not emerge independently or spontaneously but it is a product or an extension of old means of communication face-to-face.

Hence, even though social networking sites have brought about tremendous changes in human relationship, such changes are done within the context of the existing patterns of relationships. For instance, social networking does not only allow us to connect with those we have never met before, it has also further boosted face-to-face communication by providing avalanche of possibilities and serving as platform to reconnect with those we have shared close affinity, those we have in the past, met face-to-face.

Findler identifies six fundamental principles that provide insight into our understanding of the emerging computer-mediated communication; coevolution and coexistence that is, as newer media emerge and become part and parcel of the communication system without necessarily abolishing the older media ; metamorphosis that is, new media emerging out of the existing ones ; propagation that is, the new media propagate the dominant traits of the old media ; survival that is, both the new and the old media are forced to adopt to the changes for their own survival ; opportunity and need these media must meet the political, social and economic needs of their adopters in order to survive ; delayed adoption it takes a long time for the new media to become a success commercially.

The above six principles can be used to explain the face-to-face communication and the emerging culture of social networking where distance no longer stand as barrier among people. Social networking sites represent a new domain of social interaction and as a new phase of communication platform, it infuses new technologies into the existing possibilities, and now coexists with the face-to-face social interaction.

Being a metropolitan and federal university, the school can boast of people from every part of the country and may as well represent a typical Nigerian university. Only students who came for lectures the day questionnaires were administered filled them. Copies of the Questionnaire were administered to those in the final year of their study and those in their first year freshers to see if there is a difference in the manner SNS is used. Of the total number of students sampled, students representing The questionnaire had both closed and open ended questions.

The study found that while It was also found that while This is an indication that social networking has become part and parcel of the students as many of them have incorporated it into their daily routine. The cross-tabulated data reveals that while female students spend more time on social networking sites than their male counterparts, students in their first year spend more time on networking in the virtual environment than those in their final year, an indication that the time spent on the social networking sites changes as the students continue their degrees See Table 2.

This data therefore is an indication that there are also many secondary high school students who use SNS, many even join before coming to the university. Daily Sometimes Rarely No Response 14 10 4 32 level 62 23 32 level 40 46 14 Total 79 50 b.

No doubt, the use of social networking sites has become pervasive among Nigerian students. From the data gathered, However, the most popular social networking sites among the students is facebook with This shows that among 10 university undergraduate students who use SNS, 5 will likely be facebook users.

Though worldwide, facebook and MySpace compete in terms of number of users but this study revealed that facebook is far more popular than MySpace in the study area. In fact, 2go which is hardly mentioned in the list of popular SNS even has larger users In order to surmount the difficulties of access, Internet users resort to different Internet access points depending on their needs, their economic strength, intended privacy and comfort.

Hence, this study evaluates the possible SNS access points. From the study, the data revealed that mobile phones provide the greatest access to social networking users. This may explain why majority of students For instance, Golder, Wilkinson and Huberman found that messaging within online networks is done to maintain and build social ties across distances.

Also, Lampe, Ellison, Steinfield and Ellison, Steinfield and Lampe all found that SNS is used to learn about old friends and reconnect with relations, and this use was rated higher than other uses. Through social connection, students create and develop social identity, develop intimacy and tackle some social problems like boredom, isolation, loneliness and other social and psychological issues.

Other uses that command great attention of the sampled students is social escapism Recent studies reveal that Social Networking Sites have not reached their full potential in terms of academics and intellectual purpose but this current study reveals that if SNS is well developed and intellectually- inclined applications are integrated into the virtual environment, it can, to a large extent, enhance the engagement levels of students.

It is also believed that by using SNS for social connection, students can build intimacy and self-identity, after all self-disclosure enhances personal identity and intimacy Buhrmester and Prager, Students, through social networking, can therefore build self-confidence, discuss personal, emotional and academic issues with those they share close ties.

Though Gross and Acquisti , in their study of information revelation and disclosure within the virtual environment, it was found that only 1. Other issues mentioned were addiction which could equally lead to time wastage. Health implications like having few hours sleep and visual impairment were also mentioned by 3. Considering the quantum of time spent by students each day on social networking sites, school administrators and educational institutions should be more creative by using the right applications for the advancement of education instead of treating it as a platform where trivial issues are discussed.

Many students now belong to one virtual community, an avenue where an individual can garner outrageous number of friends — those they have ever met, those they may one day meet face-to-face and those they may never meet for life. Thus, most students use social networking sites as a means of connecting with those they have met before and those they have not met or may never meet.

Thus, it can be argued that social networking is an extension of face-to-face communication, a very important tenet of mediamorphosis which stresses the coexistence of the new and old media without necessarily abolishing the old patterns of relationship.

Though this study does not compare social networking with face-to-face communication, but it nonetheless provides useful insights about how the face-to-face communication is metamorphosing or reinventing itself by coexisting with interactions and relationships within the virtual domain. Hence, while social networking does not only allow us to connect with those we have never met before, it has also further boosted face-to-face communication by providing avalanche of possibilities and serving as platform to reconnect with those we have shared close affinity, those we have in the past, met face-to-face.

Ahmad, S. A Journal of Education and Sociology, 4 2. Blaukopf, K. Musical life in a changing society. Amedeus Press. Boyd, D. Social network sites: Definition, history, and scholarship.

Buhrmester, D. Patterns and functions of self-disclosure during childhood and adolescence. Rotenberg Ed. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Ellison, N. Social network sites and society: Current Trends and Future Possibilities.

Fidler, R Mediamorphosis: Understanding new media. London: Sage Publications. Golder, S. Gross, R. Hempel, J. The Myspace generation. Business Week, Ismail, S. International Journal for the Advancement of Science and Arts, 1 2. ITU Measuring the Information Society Kent, J. Social networking sites: will they survive? Nebula, 5. Kolawole, T The potential of the Internet in Nigeria.

Barcamp Africa, Mountain view, Ca. Sturvs Inc. Nyland, R. The gratification niches of Internet Social networking, E-mail and face-to-face communication. Jesus is my friend: Religiosity as a mediating factor in the use of online social networks. February , , Reno, Nevada. Pempek, T. L College students’ social networking experiences on Facebook.

Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 30 — Raacke, J. Cyberpsychology and Behaviour. Ramirez, G. Societal learning and knowledge management: diagnosing and enhancing potential.

Journal of Knowledge Management Practice, 8 1. Roblyer, M. Findings on Facebook in higher education: A comparison of college faculty and student uses and perceptions of social networking sites. Internet and Higher Education, 13 — Sairosse, T. Use of cybercafe: study of Gaborone City, Botswana. Sperlich, R. Mediamorphosis of cultural creation and a study of the digital mediamorphosis in rock and electronic music in Austria. Stollak, M. Getting Social: The impact of social networking usage on grades among college students.

Vivar, J.



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